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The super wealthy can buy whatever they want, whenever they want. While that dream might not be attainable in real life, it's certainly fun to watch in the movies. The best movies with rich people spending big feature characters having a great time with their riches – and often paying the price for shady dealings. This is a list of the top movies about rich people including everything from ... Read more

A list of the best revenge movies. These are the best revenge films ever made. Revenge is a dish best served cold... it also can be one of the most satisfying events to witness first hand. This makes "vengeance" a fantastic theme for movies about revenge. This list of revenge films includes all genres, even revenge horror movies, although most of them are going to be action or dramas. If a ... Read more

Most of us are fascinated with the life of royalty. We love to know all the little details of what living in a palace would be like, what it would be like to go from being a common person to marrying a royal, and we absolutely love the true stories of how royalty has affected the world around us in history. There are a ton of great films about royalty! What are the best movies about royalty? Vote ... Read more

Running is a popular form of exercise. It is also one of the oldest forms of sport. The exercise is known to be good for health; it helps breathing and heartbeat, and burns any spare calories. Running keeps a person fit and active. It also relieves stress. For runners, there are other chunks of time when it is a perfect to get their binge on with a great films, like while recovering on the ... Read more

This is a list of the best Rome films. These are films that take place in ancient Rome. Ancient Rome was an amazing time in world history. It was a peak in western civilization. When the Roman Empire fell, the western world plummeted into a Dark Age that lasted for over 600 years. With its western, yet unfamiliar customs, Roman society is a gold mine for filmmakers and storytellers in general... Read more