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Here lies a tale of passion, loyalty, deceit, betrayal...and revenge. They were Warriors. They were Crusaders. Under the leadership of the righteous GREGOIRE, this band of brothers in the Holy Order of the Knights Templar selflessly fought back-to-back, defending GOD and the "True Cross." Until one dark night of utter betrayal... Glorious was their victory that night, gold their find. The spoils were to be taken to their Grandmaster for use in furthering their "Cause." Yet greed had infected one of their number - RENAULT - and under the influence of the demon of lust, he embraced and fiendishly persuaded others to help him carry out his nefarious plan of betrayal. Among those whose hearts he blackened was the already resentful MENAS, envious of his brother MELKON, the man famed as being both the greatest swordsman in all of Europe and the right hand of Gregoire. The following morning Renault's heinous plot went into effect and Gregoire, Melkon and their beloved steward KOKO were ambushed and executed for purposes of greed. But as he lay dying, Gregoire vowed his revenge. Ten lifetimes of excess Renault and his murdering compatriots would enjoy. And then he would return to deliver their souls to Hell for all of eternity. Ten lifetimes of excess... The centuries pass and after 700 years, the allotted time of the evildoers nears culmination. One dark, stormy night, the Crusader, upon his steed, resurrects to execute his pledge of vengeance upon the now kindred spirits of those who victimized him so very long ago. The stage is set for retribution as an eclectic group assembles at a secluded manor home under the guise of a promised "fantasy weekend" to fulfill personal desires. JAKE, the "events coordinator" will have his hands full playing host to his young guests; CELINE, the alluring and promiscuous Eastern-European, ASHLEY, the contemptuous yet beautiful socialite, AMY, the innocent and meek girl-next-door, HURCOS, the predatory Middle-Eastern playboy, and JAPONIKO, the uninvited and mysterious Asian minimalist. SHAUNA, the abrasive Irish cook, and her cohort in crime BENOIT, the bone-idle English caretaker, along with the enigmatic PRIEST and the benevolent SHOPKEEPER, round out this unusual and extremely colorful cast of characters. Jake assigns the position of assistant recreational coordinator to Amy, and as she reads from an obscure storybook, the tale of Gregoire and his righteous band of Templar Knights animates, and the story of betrayal is reenacted for the guests. Blood will flow excessively as the cursed and unsuspecting kindred spirits meet their imminent destinies one-by-one during the Crusader's maniacal reprisal.

IMDB Rating: 6.3


Ice Era is a compelling tale of betrayal and addiction. In the tenth year of their marriage, Babak and Manizheh face the biggest challenge of their lives. When they run into financial problems, Babak is forced to work long hours to support them. This only proves to push them apart and a romantic betrayal leads to drug dependency and psychological collapse. Will the couple find their way out of the maze of ruin they are in? Farhad Aslani and Mahtab Keramati star in this gripping thriller.

IMDB Rating: 6.2


Four friends (Luke, Murgi, Joy and Pondy) wasted by youth and self destruction play together in a band along with a fifth female member (Shiuli). Luke the lead singer and self-imposed leader of the pack ensures his dominance in the group by providing accommodation, drugs and food for his wasted and broke friends. Pondy is fascinated by Shiuli who sleeps with rich guys for money. The movie revolves around a kidnapping plot gone wrong, in which the 4 male band members plan to kidnap another friend Nikhil. Nikhil is part of the plot and agrees to get himself kidnapped to extract money out of his rich but miser father. In the process excess of drugs and uncontrolled anger leads to the murder of Nikhil by Luke. Luke blackmails all others and ensures that nobody leaves or confides into the cops. Meanwhile Shiuli also gets entangled into the plot. The money hungry youngsters then go on to kill the father of Nikhil and a cop (Sharat Saxena) investigating the murder. The plot thickens with a set of betrayal and counter-betrayal leading to an interesting end.

IMDB Rating: 7.7


In six episodes 4 Blocks tells a story about friendship and family, betrayal and guilt in the milieu of an Arabic clan in Berlin-Neukölln. At its center is Ali Hamady, who wants to leave the criminal business and his "four blocks" for his wife's and daughter's sake. But when his brother in law is arrested after a raid, he stumbles into a downward spiral of crime, intrigue and betrayal, he can't seem to escape.

IMDB Rating: 8.1

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Grief, guilt, and betrayal. In North London, a young mother dotes on her four-year-old son and lives in a modest flat with her husband, a cop in the bomb squad. The Arsenal football team is their religion. On May Day, a major terrorist attack brings tragedy while she is in the arms of a rich reporter who lives over the road. She wishes she were dead. In grief and guilt, she pursues revenge, faces betrayal, experiences delusions, and may be suicidal. Two men seek her affection: the reporter and a colleague of her husband's who imagines caravan camping with her on a beach. In London, the city of the Great Fire and of Hitler's bombardment, is there any way back to life for her?

IMDB Rating: 5.9


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