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It's 1938 Germany during the Nazi uprising, the Nazis who believe that the youth of Germany are the key to the survival of Nazi ideals, German youth who are taught to die in service to the Führer. After not having seen each other in years, Germany born American Anna Müller and American born German Karl Bruner are reacquainted as Karl, a junior Gestapo officer, is carrying out his duties in the new Nazi "law" that all German born persons in Germany, regardless of non-German citizenship/passport like Anna, a teacher at the American Colony School, are citizens of Germany, and are thus forcibly co-opted into service to the Führer. Anna and Karl met in 1933 when they were both students at neighboring schools - Anna at the American valued American Colony School and Karl at a Nazi military school - they who became friends despite their differences in political views. They were on their way to becoming romantically involved with each other if it was not for the circumstances. Both Karl and Anna have to decide what to do balancing their feelings for each other versus their political views, not following the Nazi directive which could result in dire consequences, even death if the actions are considered treasonous. What they end up doing may differ between in public for the Nazis to see, versus in private, where they may feel more comfortable to express what is truly in their hearts and minds. Through it all, Anna's boss at the American Colony School, Professor Nichols - affectionately referred to as Nicky by his friends, colleagues and students - does whatever he can to get Anna out of the country back to safety in the States.

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In the hard years right after the end of World War II, in war-battered, Allied-occupied Berlin, the 12-year-old Edmund Köhler, is burdened with the difficult task of providing for his family, scraping by on whatever he can find on the post-war streets. Undoubtedly, this is a great responsibility, however, with Edmund's father too sick to get out of bed and his older former Nazi brother, Karl-Heinz, hiding from the authorities, inevitably, this is the family's only chance of survival. Desperate for food, the innocent Edmund will accept his former teacher Herr Henning's risky proposition, who seems to be still nostalgic of the old days. In the end, is the venom of an unrepentant Nazi still potent?

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Carl Becker, a young attorney becomes a counter espionage agent after an agent friend of his is murdered. He doesn't realize that the girl, Paula Fengler, with whom he is deeply in love, is a member of a clever group of Nazi spies led by Dr. Woolford. He learns her true identity, and arrests her and traps the entire gang at the same time. The information he has allows a U.S. patrol boat to sink a Nazi submarine that had been offshore waiting for instructions from the saboteurs.

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April 1945. In Germany, as World War II was drawing to a close and the Allied Forces were swarming into Berlin, groups of freshly-trained combat cameramen documented the gruesome scenes behind the recently-liberated Nazi concentration camps. Named "German Concentration Camps Factual Survey", the 1945 documentary for the British government was produced by Sidney Bernstein, with Alfred Hitchcock's participation. For nearly seven decades, the film was shelved in the British archives and was abandoned without a public screening--for either political reasons or shifted Government priorities--to be ultimately completed by a team of historians and film scholars of the British Imperial War Museum, who meticulously restored the original footage. Intertwined with interviews of both survivors and liberators, as well as short newsreel films and raw footage from the original film, the 2014 documentary chronicles the atrocities that occurred in the concentration and labour camps of Bergen-Belsen, Auschwitz, Majdanek, Dachau and Buchenwald, also including footage from Soviet cameramen. Without shying away, the camera pans on the German SS officers, lingering on the bony, emaciated faces of the piled-up-like-dolls bodies of men and women who were mercilessly thrown into pits during the mass-grave digging operations. However--even though the film documents a world of nightmare, exposing the undeniable truth of what has been going on within these camps--it also focuses on the healing process of the completely dehumanised survivors, in an attempt not only to serve as a testimony of the Nazi crimes, but also as an important lesson for all mankind.

IMDB Rating: 8

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This film was not known as "Devil's Plot" until 1953, when distributor Herbert Bregstein acquired the USA theatre rights and changed the title from "Counterblast" to "Devil's Plot." The reason for the title change was to disguise the fact that this was the same movie that had already been sold to television,and was currently playing on British and American television as "Counterblast." A more apt changed title would have been "Cheater's Plot," since the title change was an obvious ploy to keep the theatre exhibitors and public from knowing this film could be seen for free at home. The story has Mervyn Johns as a Nazi doctor and escaped prisoner-of-war who goes to London. There, via the Nazi underground, he poses as an Australian bacteriologist, whom he has killed and taken his place, assigned to do some medical research. His plot is, using British labs and knowledge, to find a method of immunizing the German people against a plague the Nazis are going to use in their next war. Complications arise when his British assistant, Robert Beatty, becomes suspicious of his actions, and an Australian girl who knew the real doctor shows up.

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